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North Melbourne College(NMC)  is a private provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs offering Certificate and Diploma Courses such as Automotive and Business Management courses run by its board; the board has Executive Management experience with a goal to deliver qualified personnel in our training Arena. 

North Melbourne College (NMC) is  established in 2009, meeting the changing demands of employers and students. For this reason NMC is a modern and responsive educational institution that produces excellent students. NMC is delivering quality training and assessment and is able to adapt to client needs as required.

NMC provides industry training and is able to provide Nationally Recognised Training and a more detailed guide to qualifications can be found in the course guides.

The College employs three fundamental principles that serve as the driving force for the services offered:

     Vocational Education and Training

     An Activity Based Training

     Continuous improvement

Why North Melbourne College  ?

With inflation continuing to rise each year, the Australian Students now requires a qualification to their occupational experience. This has created a need for quality Education and Training. The population growth leading us to anticipate expanding market potential for Vocational Education in Victoria State.

North Melbourne College will compete well in our market by offering competitive fee structure, quality training, and qualified instructors, and by maintaining a good reputation with students and the community we serve.